Sonomax and eers™ Custom Earbuds Made Unforgettable Noise at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show!

eers Make Noise at CES

We set out to CES 2012 in Las Vegas, Nevada, with a specific goal in mind: to be hEERd! And, we think our sound waves traveled quite nicely!  If you didn’t stay glued to our Facebook and Twitter pages, or drop in to to stay up-to-date on the CES action, we want to take this moment to share with you all of the unforgettable Sonomax highlights from this year’s show!

A New Creative Director Straight Outta the Music Industry

Going into the biggest consumer electronics show of the year, Sonomax welcomed new Creative Director K. R. Nazel, a.k.a. Arabian Prince, West Coast music pioneer, DJ, producer and founding member of the groundbreaking rap group N.W.A. and the Stones Throw label to our family. With a career spanning 30 years in the music industry and over 15 fifteen years in 3D animation, film and video game production, Arabian will be helping to create, design, and market eers™, and the accompanying SonoFit™ technology.

New eers™ Custom Earphones Launch at CES 2012!

At CES 2012, we continued to redefine the headphones experience with the launch of our new eers™ sound signatures, the PCS-150 and PCS-250 models. The latest evolutions will be available to custom fitted earphone fans in March 2012. This next generation of eers™ is slated to offer the ultimate in performance, comfort and safety (PCS).

Will you be putting a pair of our new custom fitted earbuds on your wish list? (Have questions about our new eers™? Leave us a comment here or shoot us a note at:

eers™ Custom Fit Earphones HEERd by CES Press

Media found themselves being fitted for eers™, then buzzin’ about the noise (or noise isolation, really!). Here are some of our favorite mentions from last week:

    • “Ears are more distinctive than fingerprints. So, your ears are so unique that you really have to have custom.”
  • Leo Laporte (on
    • “Custom fitted headphones that don’t need an audiologist… They’re very comfortable. I was just listening to some audio from the iPhone and it sounds really good…. Significant noise reduction, that’s because it seals the ear. It does, it does quite a good job.”

Testing the mic on my new Eers (mp3)

  • Tecca
    • “Musicians and other audiophiles are often willing to wait months for an appointment with a specialist who can create custom-fitted earphones for truly great portable sound, but the Sonomax eers system can do all that for you from the comfort of your own home (or anywhere, really!).”
  • Washington Post
    • “Nick Laperle [Sonomax President & CEO] displays a set of SonoFit custom-fitted earphones at CES Unveiled.”
  • Las Vegas Sun
    • “Described as the world’s only custom-fitting earphones, eers, developed by Sonomax Technologies, offer all the features of traditional headphones, including sound isolation and high fidelity playback.”
  • BBC News
    • “Meet eers: This is a do-it-yourself in-ear headphone molding kit.”

Feel free to check out our eers™ Press page and our “eers at CES 2012” YouTube Playlist below to see us in action!

eers™ Custom Fitted Earphones Chatter, in the Twitter-sphere!

Did you hEER the buzzing in your ears? Oh wait, that was ours! We’re glad to say there were a lot of nice comments floating around on Twitter about our EERs… If you missed them, we’ll get you all ‘tuned’ in here:

  • @DaveHamilton: “Mind blown. Sonomax Eers changes the custom-fit earphone game forever. Do it yourself customs with fantastic sound for $199. Amazing.”
  • @misssmith11: “@sculptedEERS They are awesome and fit like a glove!”
  • @DJBlakey: “Shout to @sculptedEERS for these custom earphones. Can’t tell you how good they are.”
  • @greggellman: “@sculptedEERS great! Outstanding product. #ces”
  • @pnosker: “Wow… @sculptedEERS PCS-250 custom earphones are a real game changer.

eers™ Custom Buds Leave Their Mark on CES 2012

Great company, great product, great show.  We are pleased to have launched our new sound signatures during the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show to such a receptive audience of existing eers™ fans, and those we picked up along the way.

We’re looking forward to 2012 being a great year for our custom earbuds, eers™, and you just never know what other news you’ll hEER from us next!