eers Custom Sport Earphones Receive Sweet Attention From FitSugar

eers Custom Sport Earphones

In January, FitSugar reviewed five brands of workout buds to give readers ‘the best of the best’ in terms of sports headphones. In the lineup was none other than our eers custom earphones.

If you are like most people, music is essential to your workout routine. In fact, studies have found that not only does music make exercising more enjoyable, but it also helps increase your performance.

Thus, having custom sports earphones that ‘stay put’ during a workout is a must!

Custom Fit Sports Earphones Take It To The Next Level

“Eers use silicone molded buds to fit snugly into your ear. But the Sculpted Eers PCS-100 ($200) take it a step further by using a unique molding technology that expands and shapes the bud right in your ear.”

FitSugar reviewer, Leta Shy, went on to say about eers custom sport earphones, “No matter if I was jumping, sprinting, or jogging, these headphones didn’t budge.”

Get the Best Sports Earphones

Take a tip from FitSugar and elevate your auditory experience while working out with the best sports earphones. The custom molded earbuds combined with eers over-ear design offers added security unique to the wearer. And, with a custom fit that provides serious noise-cancellation, you can enjoy your tunes at a lower volume whenever you hit the pavement.

Interested in what other sweet notes Leta shared about eers? You can read her full review here:

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