eers™ SonoFit™ Custom Headphones Make The Geek Church a Believer

eers SonoFit Custom Headphones

Looking for something unique for your earphones? The Geek Church highly recommends eers™ headphones, featuring SonoFit™ technology. In their recent review of eers™ SonoFit™ custom headphones, a few key points were made in regards to what makes eers™ stand apart from the rest…

“In addition to the custom fitting,” eers™ custom molded earphones also:

  • have “an excellent frequency response with hard driving bass”
  • have “a dynamic speaker for crisp detailed sound”
  • offer “significant sound reduction”
  • feature a “kink-resistant cable and 1.8inch gold plated stereo jack”

Think The Geek Church can turn you into a believer? Read their full review of eers™ PCS-150 custom molded earphones, here: