Customized Headphones Flowing Upbeat Tunes Make Exercise Easier


Here’s a little tidbit that caused us to unplug and ‘tune in’: “Studies show that the right tunes can up your workout’s efficiency.” And here we thought our customized headphones were just for fun. Boy, are we glad we were wrong!

MSNBC writer, Dan Peterson, intends to “chase down the connection between our ears and our feet.”

“Picking the right music can have several benefits,” many of which we discussed in our previous blog post, Music in Your Custom In Ear Headphones Can Enhance Sport Performance,” which explored the influence of dissociation, arousal regulation, synchronization, acquisition of motor skills, and attainment of flow.

Custom Made Headphones, Check. Upbeat Tunes, Check.

Peterson wraps up his ‘Why Music Makes Exercise Easier’ article stating, “Researchers concluded that we increase or decrease our work effort and pace to match the tempo of our music.”

So don’t think twice about turning on your favorite upbeat tunes when you’re in exercise-mode. Not only will it clear your mind and make the exercise seem easier, it’ll also allow you to be caught up in the beats flowing through your custom made headphones causing you to pick up your pace without even realizing it.

“With the right mix, your brain and feet will be in perfect harmony.” We say, seek harmony!

Fitness fanatics, let us know: What mix of songs gets you through a solid workout?