Customized Headphones Complement the Benefits Associated with Music Listening


According to AskMen, there are several physical and mental benefits that are derived from listening to and playing music. Near the top of this list are the benefits that kick in when music and exercise are combined.

Do you get pumped up when listening to an upbeat song during a workout, and believe it actually enhances your sport performance? You’re not the only one who trusts in the theory that music makes exercise easier, so now let’s turn to AskMen to see what other benefits are derived from one of our favorite things to play through customized headphones: music!

“The growing field of music therapy is presenting increasing amounts of evidence that points toward the greater powers of music.” What might these powers be? We’ll break it down for you below:

  • Emotional Perks: The right song can tweak your mood and soothe emotional turmoil due to the associations between songs and moods
  • Enhanced Workouts: “It has been suggested that stimulating music can actually increase muscle tension”
  • Pain Relief: Music has the ability to enhance recovery time and reduce the perception of chronic pain by up to 21% according to a paper in the Journal of Advanced Nursing
  • Strengthened Thinking-Cap: “The thought patterns that arise while creating music help increase language learning, math skills and social skills”
  • Developed Interaction: Research has shown that “people who play music have a more developed interaction between their left and right sides of the brain” as music,  in this sense, functions as an exercise for the signal transmissions in your brain

There is plentiful research to go on, but let’s get to the takeaway: keeping your customized headphones close offer way more than just comfort fit and crisp, clear tunes… it’s your source for all the benefits associated with listening to music. So plug in, and tune out your surroundings for a little while… It’s actually good for you!

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Tell us, What consistent effects do you find music has on you?