Dallas Morning News: “eers™ Custom Fit Earphones ‘Well Worth the Cost’”

eers Custom Fit Earphones Reviewed by Dallas Morning News

Dallas Morning News writer, Jim Rossman, gave the following suggestion for those readers wanting a custom fit bud without the high dollar price tag: “Try some eers™ on for size.”

Rossman made a simple comparison of eers custom fit earphones vs. JH Audio in-ear monitors, making mention of the unique SonoFit™ technology fitting process: “The eers have an interesting way of making the molds and earphones at the same time.”

The Dallas Morning News article on eers custom made earphones concludes with this:

Pros: Fantastic fit, Good sound

Bottom Line: For a custom fit, it’s hard to beat these for the price.”

To read Rossman’s full article on eers custom earphones, please visit: http://www.dallasnews.com/business/technology/headlines/20120705-two-gadgets-that-are-well-worth-the-cost.ece?ssimg=637263#ssStory637266