eers™ Custom Earbuds Leave MUTEK Fit in the ‘Eers’ of Celebrities

Custom Earbuds Fittings at MUTEK 2012

Were you at MUTEK this year? You may recall that Sonomax Technologies, Inc. was one of the sponsors of the 13th Annual MUTEK International Festival of Digital Creativity and Electronic Music, May 30 – June 3, in Montreal.

Sonomax’s fitting lounge at the MUTEK Festival allowed attendees to fit eers™ innovative custom earbuds in comfort and style. Both the new eers PCS-150 and PCS-250 models, which offer amazing proprietary sound signatures and a perfect, comfortable fit, were featured in the MUTEK boutique.

As a Prestigious Partner, eers also sponsored MUTEK’s opening cocktail party and offered custom fit earbuds to various MUTEK performers.

For those of you who couldn’t be there to see eers’ showcase at MUTEK, we’ve pulled together a few celebrity-fitting photos for your viewing pleasure. Please enjoy!

→ DJ Mamiko, Hepcat Radio/NTS Radio

eers Custom Earbuds Fitting for DJ Mamiko at MUTEK 2012

→ Bradley Zero Phillip, Resident/Host at

eers Custom Fit Earbuds Fitting for Bradley Zero Phillip at MUTEK 2012

→ Ben Shemie, Jazz Musician & Classical Composer

eers Custom Earbuds Fitting for Ben Shemie at MUTEK 2012

→ Robin Fox, Leading Audio-Visual Performance Artist

eers Custom Fit Earbuds Fitting for Robin Fox at MUTEK 2012