eers™ Custom Fitted Earphones “Rock” Digital World Research

Custom Fitted Earphones, eers, on DWR

P.J. McNealy of Digital World Research got to know eers™ this year when the custom earbuds made unforgettable noise at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Having used our custom fitted earphones, eers, for several months now, McNealy concludes, “In short, they rock. And, I like them significantly better than my Bose earphones.”

Why? We’ll break out his reasons for you, here:

  1. Sonomax® eers earphones “fit snugly. And they won’t just fall out, either.”
  2. “They’re quieter than the Bose and cancel noises better.”
  3. eers earphones “sound wonderful – music flows seemingly through the middle of your brain.”
  4. They are sold at fair price points for custom fitted earphones.
  5. “You can do the fitting by yourself, and it’s painless.”

Use eers, but see that your favorite feature is missing from the list above? Be sure to leave us a comment below to tell us why you love your eers!

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