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Best Earphones

Award-Winning, Best Earphones

“eers™ Custom Earphones Named CES Innovations 2012 Design and Engineering Awards Best of Innovations Winner in Headphones Product Category”

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The World’s First Self-Fitted Custom-Earphones, in just 5 minutes.

Custom EarphonesAre you frustrated by…

  • earphones falling out?
  • poor sound quality?
  • ear fatigue?

…That stops here! Get your eers™ PCS series in minutes!

What does PCS stand for?

Performance: Amazing Sound. High performance drivers paired with a true custom fit delivers a totally new listening experience. Comfort: Perfect Fit. They are made just for you. Did you know? Ears are more distinctive than fingerprints -one size does not fit all. Your eers™ will never fall out- the custom fit locks the plug in place and the earhook provides added security. No discomfort – perfect fit – zero pressure points. Safety: Noise Isolation. SonoFit™ creates a perfect seal that isolates the music you want to hear from the noise you don’t want to hear, allowing to safely listen at a fraction of the volume you were used to.

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